Indian restaurants

looking for the best indian restaurant in Moraira, any recommendations?


I would also be unterested as we are coming up there soon for a few days

Commented steve in Quesada 2018-03-13 11:14:32 UTC

Definitely Kathmandu, best food by far and very friendly and helpful staff.

Commented ritalisa26 in Moraira 2018-03-13 11:18:28 UTC

Thanks Rita, someone told me that was a nice one X

Commented Jayne Clarkson in Moraira 2018-03-13 11:28:26 UTC

Property Sales

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Market work

I'm interested in trading on the local markets, Moraira, Javea, Denia , etc. Can anyone give me any advice? Do i need to register with the town hall, if so what department? Does it cost, do i need a licence ?
Are there any restrictions on the size of stall? or indeed what you sell?

Many thanks, any assistance appreciated!


Ask at the town hall as they will know

Commented steve in Quesada 2018-03-09 08:26:52 UTC

Bars and restaurants

what are the facilities like in Moraira? are there lots of bars and restaurants as were planning a trip there soon... oh and is there any 4g access


Great facilities in Moraira, lost of bars and restaurants and reasonable too, 4G coverage is good in most areas, sure you will enjoy!

Commented Maureen in Javea 2018-03-07 17:22:10 UTC

Looking forward to seeing it soon

Commented steve in Quesada 2018-03-09 08:26:00 UTC


Does anyone know of any yoga classes in Moraira? tia


Ski do a nice strawberry yogurt and I quite like the peach

Commented steve in Quesada 2018-03-09 08:24:51 UTC

My husband would enjoy this, is this the Bull and Bear opposite Masymas on the main road?

Commented Jayne Clarkson in Moraira 2018-03-07 11:18:45 UTC

yes thats the one x

Commented Jayne Clarkson in Moraira 2018-03-07 11:37:07 UTC

I was at one last year in Guardamar and they had some nice cars there

Commented steve in Quesada 2018-03-07 12:19:24 UTC

Wanted Swim teacher for toddler

I'm looking for a swim teacher for my 2.5 year old. I would like a qualified teacher that speaks English and would preference if they come to my villa.


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"The birds singing; the sun shining; the clear blue sky; children laughing; sandcastles; swimming in the sea; sitting on the balcony of my parents' home in Moirara; receiving cards and e-mails from my friends; knowing Jesus as my friend; singing; dancing; living life to the full; loving and being loved; dreaming; encouraging; learning new things; cooking; traveling; enjoying God's beautiful world; having hope and joy after years of despair and darkness; knowing that I will go to Heaven when I die and the best is yet to be" (Joanna - from England)

Commented rainbowjo in Moraira 2013-06-12 13:04:24 UTC



I am currently out visiting my parents who live up on the hill overlooking Moirara. My flight home has just been cancelled by 4 days dues to air traffic strike, and (having already missed being able to go to church last Sunday when I was here) I would so love it if I found there was a Christian fellowship/church here in Moirara. Or someone from Moirara who attends a church/fellowship in Calpe/Javea and could give me a lift.

Am also interested in connecting with local Christians from Moirara who speak English (I don't speak Spanish yet, but hope to learn) since it is likely I will be returning to visit my mum and dad once a year or more in the future, and would be so good to have some Christian friends here. My parents aren't Christians so it is not easy to get to church further afield on my own, though I am within walking distance of the sea-front in Moirara if it turns out there is a church there.

Really hoping someone will see this and reply within the next 2 or 3 days.

Many thanks,


++WANTED++ Old stereo++

Hi, Im looking for an old stereo for my folks villa in Moraira. Just an amp and speakers, as long as it has an aux socket. Anyone have one or can point me in the direction of a second hand shop??

Will pay hard cash!! Up to about 30 euros.. Im out a week on Sunday for a couple of weeks..

Many thanks,

Colin B

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